i am very sad to write that post. I have had a major argument with Britt bury, the owner of Anjuna and of the sim where i had my shop. They don’t want me anymore.. There is our conversation:

Wednesday 13th august,
Since you told me you had no time to waste with me, i am writing this notecard to you.
I rented the shop on your sim because i thought that this place would become famous. It’s not the case. Your traffic is lower and i am the only one who brings traffic on the sim ( check that) . So i ask u to think of your price which is HUGE for only 200 prims available. 1750L!!!!!!
Please answer me via a notecard. I have a business in SL and RL as well.


Emilie SUsanti
[3:56]  britt Bury: hmm you think you have a higer traffic than the club?
[3:57]  britt Bury: well I sugets you move form the sim,,, cause you are clearly not pleased,,and I am tired of you complaining,,,
[3:57]  britt Bury: so so I think we end it here

So, i have to find a new mainshop.

I will. And it will be even more beautiful…